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Our Story

Kingsmen Capital Investments is a North American firm that specializes in offering business solutions to small and medium enterprises. With an experienced management team who have been in the finance industry for over 7 years, we understand the capital needs of your small-medium sized business.

Our management and advisory team work closely with customers to asses their unique business position. Not only do they develop custom solutions, but also offer transparent access to growth capital and resources. By offering 360 solutions, Kingsmen Advance Capital is more than just a finance company. Our diverse set of products, ranging from web development, financial products, and digital marketing helps customers achieve their business goals. Sit down with one of our advisors, and learn how we can offer a tailored solution for your exact business need.

When we decided to expand our restaurant, we knew that we needed capital for renovation and adding new inventory. Kingsmen offered us a great alternative to taking out a traditional loan with the bank that helped us make the much needed changes. They gave us the exact amount we needed, and created a repayment plan that was easy to pay back and worked well for us.

Planeta Mexico

Toronto, CA