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How are we different?

Welcome to Vonex, where our wide variety of business services provide merchants with a one stop for all their business needs. At Kingsmen, we make business financing for Canadian businesses accessible and hassle-free without cutting any corners. Here’s a chart comparing Kingsmen with the competition, including Ondeck, Accord Financial and Merchant Advance Capital.

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Here’s what we offer

Flex Solution

By turning your future cash flows into cash that you can use right away, the our Flex Solution program leaves traditional business loans in the dust. It is ideal for business owners who are faced with a short-term cash crunch but who know that the revenue from a cash injection to their business (Renos? New product lines? etc.) will increase their bottom-line down the road. Repayment is scheduled on a daily basis based on a (very manageable) percentage of each day’s sales.

Business Loans

This product is for businesses that opt for fixed payments or those that don’t have credit and debit sales. Designed as a traditional loan, this product is for businesses such as manufacturers and wholesalers who use cheques and direct deposits rather than interact sales. Instead of a variable payment, businesses can pay back with a fixed payment, deducted daily at affordable and economical rates.

Equipment Leasing

Our leasing advisors look at a variety of solutions that help customers obtain necessary equipment that is vital to their business operations. Our advisors make sure that they work closely with clients to develop a flexible financing plan that meets their expectations and achieve business goals.

Equipment Leaseback

Secure financing by leveraging your existing free and clear equipment. We accept low credit scores as well as equipment which is 20-25 years old. Our team has successfully financed businesses in the mining, construction, aviation, marine, transportation, manufacturing and oil & gas industries. Learn more by contacting one of our representatives today.